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    Our Values


    We stand by the side of those in need of discovering their uniqueness

    We are pioneers in psychological research and its application for clinical, organizational, and educational fields. We turn psychological science into a key for people, organizations and communities to discover their own uniqueness.

    The inclusion of differences is our impact in the world: in our daily efforts we seek and celebrate each person’s variety of characteristics. Our entire system of values reflects this belief, creating a link between opposing alternatives.

    Our values are defined by 3 dichotomies that blend seemingly opposite and discordant concepts in a perfect complementary balance. Each value draws meaning and strength from each other guiding our actions and behaviors.


    Demanding & Sustainable

    • We have high expectations of ourselves and others
    • We apply the same rigor of science in our everyday activities​​
    • We share our ideas, time and resources​
    • We give back to our Communities and help those in need​

    Ambitious & Humble

    • We take risks rather than miss opportunities​
    • We build roads where there are none​
    • We believe we can learn from everyone’s uniqueness
    • We openly discuss our mistakes​ and capitalize on them

    Resolute & Kind

    • We speak up for others and for ourselves
    • We are firm in the face of difficulties and uncertainties​
    • We trust and care for each other
    • We foster an inclusive culture where everyone feels empowered and respected