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    Grade, CEO of Giunti Psychometrics “A crucial step consistent with our fast but sustainable global growth strategy.” 

    Florence, 23rd of January 2024 – Giunti Psychometrics, leader in scientific psychometrics, announced the acquisition of a majority share in Vetor Editora, a leading Brazilian company specialized in psychological testing, tools, books, and training. This union strengthens the presence of Giunti Psychometrics throughout Latin America with Brazil becoming a central market for the company. This operation reinforces our international leadership position, by creating strong synergies between technology, product, research and development and intellectual property management. It will allow for an increase and improvement of the range of products and services available in Brazil and all other Giunti Psychometrics’ markets.

    José Sales Grade, CEO of Giunti Psychometrics states: “This acquisition marks another crucial step for our company that is consistent with our fast but sustainable global growth strategy. Moreover, we have entered the largest and most sophisticated market in Latin America (Brazil), adding to our Latam subsidiaries in Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica and Chile. We will also have access to a rich and innovative test and training catalog of high quality and impact, with huge potential in our other markets.

    Ricardo Mattos, CEO of Vetor Editora said: “Vetor’s entrance in Giunti Psychometrics opens to an intense and fruitful mutual sharing of knowledge and experience collected by hundreds of people over decades of work. For the Brazilian market, it will allow for the adaptation of new European and North American products, technologies that apply virtual reality and artificial intelligence to scientific psychometrics, as well as adaptive testing and much more. It also gives us the opportunity to adapt and spread to the rest of the world excellent products such as tests, books and trainings internally developed by Vetor.

    Dr. Daniel Giunti, President of Giunti Psychometrics added: “As a psychologist and communicator, I am particularly happy that through this union of companies and people we can contribute to the psychological and social culture of Brazil. I am sure that we will all learn from the experience of Vetor’s colleagues and authors, from its clients distributed throughout Brazil and in general from the community of Brazilian psychologists. I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the memory of José Glauco Bardella, visionary founder of Vetor who recently passed and whose legacy we now have the honor of protecting and disseminating globally. Finally, I want to thank the Bardella family and the CEO of the company, Ricardo Mattos, for the trust they have placed in Giunti Psychometrics.

    Established in Florence, Italy in 1950, Giunti Psychometrics is a leading group in psychometrics and scientific psychology. Today the organization spans 20 companies across 16 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, boasting a workforce of 250. With a robust foundation in scientific principles Giunti Psychometrics specializes in developing and adapting psychometric tests and tools, offering professional training for psychologists, and aiding multinational corporations in the development of human capital. Its psychometric tests are used in various sectors including healthcare, education, military, and career guidance, by both public and private organizations. The research department of Giunti Psychometrics has pioneered innovative concepts like anti-fragility, digital agility, and the integration of Virtual Reality in psychometric measurements, resulting in groundbreaking products that redefine the landscape of psychological assessment. 

    Founded in 1966, Vetor Editora is the largest psychometric company in Latin America, with 90 employees spread across their São Paulo headquarters and Campinas and Rio de Janeiro branches, supplemented by an extensive network of distributors throughout all the Brazilian states. The company specializes in the development of scientific tests, multidisciplinary tools, and an array of books in psychology, speech and language, neuropsychology, school psychology, education and much more. Across Latin America, their innovative Vetor Online (VOL) technology platform facilitates the application and grading of tests. Additionally, through Vetor Serviços, the company offers recruitment, consulting, in-person, and remote learning services within the field of Human Resources.