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    Giunti Psychometrics and Intercultura reaffirm their common vocation to support continuous learning and a cross-cultural mindset 

    Intercultura’s Quic magazine features an interview to Luca Mori, Large-scale Selections Key Account Director at Giunti Psychometrics and a long-standing partner for Intercultura.

    The stories Luca Mori recalls in his interview to Quic magazine are a fresh dive into a much sought-for old normality: one where teenager students from Italy and 65 more countries in the world can apply for international educational exchanges all over the world and benefit from life-changing experiences.  

    Giunti Psychometrics and Intercultura have been partners since 2013, when the oldest Italian organization that promotes intercultural learning through pupils’ mobility adopted our scientific assessment tools to evaluate candidates to their global exchange programs.  

    Since then, Giunti Psychometrics has become a passionate supporter of Intercultura’s purpose and we regularly award scholarships to worthy students: once in touch, we immediately recognized a set of common values that we found meaningful to spread and share. Simply put, the students we support are the future we want to see for the world: open, connected, eager to learn from others and through on-the-filed experiences.  

    As Luca Mori, Large-scale Selections Key Account Director at Giunti Psychometrics, says: “Among these young students are our leaders of tomorrow: they must be able to appreciate diversity and to work in a world where sharing and interchange are strategic development levers”. We are just happy to contribute to make this happen. 

    Thanks to its over 5,000 volunteers, Intercultura moves over 3,000 students every year,  and more than 70,000 exchanges were completed since its foundation in 1955. We all trust that regular activity will resume at full speed as soon as possible, as we keep supporting an inspiring, future-oriented, world-changing mission