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    Philip Zimbardo and Christina Maslach visit Florence, welcomed by City Councilor for Education and Welfare

    The two prominent psychologists have a special bond with Italy, the town of Florence and Giunti Psychometrics. Their works on the time paradox and shyness (Zimbardo) and the latest research on organizational burnout (Maslach) are soon to be published in Italian.

    Their last time in Italy was back in 2019. Three years later, as soon as travel restrictions due to Covid-19 loosened, they set off for another Italian tour, which just took place. When in Florence, world-celebrated psychology professors Philip Zimbardo and Christina Maslach know that Giunti Psychometrics is their home: once again, our CEO José Sales Grade and the whole Giunti team were happy to welcome and meet them in town.

    In their tour, the couple was active in promoting the commendable Heroic Imagination Project, an initiative stemming from the controversial Stanford Prison Experiment (1971) and eventually turned into a collective social experiment dedicated to training people to act in more heroic ways, in their everyday lives.

    Professors Zimbardo and Maslach had the opportunity to describe the project to the City Councilor for Education and Welfare, Mrs. Sara Funaro, during a private meeting at Palazzo Vecchio, Florence town Hall and a stunning historic building. Funaro, a psychologist and psychotherapist herself, showed great interest in the program and in the academic research both Zimbardo and Maslach led and are still leading in the US, and invited them to hold a public presentation in Florence next year.

    Besides the Stanford Prison Experiment and the studies on good and evil Zimbardo is known for all over the world, in his life he also dedicated to psychology topics such as: mind prisons and conditioning that guide us, the way we deal with the concept of time and the impact of shyness. Giunti Psychometrics will soon publish in Italy is milestone texts The Time Paradox and The Shy Child.

    Christina Maslach is most renowned for her contribution in understanding and preventing organizational  burnout: her latest book The Burnout Challenge will be out in November 2022 for the Harvard University Press. The study also deals with the impact of Covid-19 on workers and embeds it in the broader picture of professional burnout framework.

    According to José Sales Grade: “Phil and Christina are thought leaders, courageous field researchers, and friends. Giunti Psychometrics is honored to publish their books in Italy, thus contributing to the cultural spreading of their unique work”.