The leading European publisher in terms of our history, market and catalog, we develop tools and methodologies to meet all assessment needs in the Talent, Health and Education sectors. We provide psychological assessment tools and services to public and private companies as well as to professionals, ensuring high quality, international scientific standards and, above all, adaptation to local cultural contexts. We have developed a network of foreign associates which operate in many countries worldwide with the same scientific rigor and passion as the Italian head office.


Giunti Psychometrics is an international group that, in the name Giunti, sums up its proud membership of the Giunti Group for over forty years and, in the word Psychometrics, highlights its core business and its desire to overcome all linguistic barriers encountered through its worldwide presence. For 70 years we have been working for the development and well-being of people and organizations, uniting observation and listening with the ability to see and read contexts. During our journey we have grown and changed, but we have always worked by adhering to and maintaining our central, unshakable values: scientific quality and the quality and excellence of products and services that leave no room for approximation.


Our mission is to develop tools and services for the field of applied psychology, ensuring high quality, international scientific standards and adjustment to the relevant cultural context. Our vision is to put scientific knowledge at the service of the well-being and development of people and organizations. One of our main goals is to be, in short, the meeting point between market demand, scientific research and the needs of users. Being constantly in pursuit of the highest quality, we position ourselves in Italy and across the world as a center of excellence for testing and psychological assessment and development services.


The fundamental asset of Giunti Psychometrics is the people who work here every day, sharing the values and principles of the company. This is why the professional and personal development of those working at Giunti Psychometrics is a key factor in the Group’s growth. The care we take of our people is embodied in the creation of a positive work environment where, with due respect for differences, it is possible for individuals to develop and grow their skills and competencies. Giunti Psychometrics operates on ethical foundations and all activities are guided by moral principles to ensure honesty, respect for people of all types and total transparency.


One of the company’s goals is to create value through our products while respecting international scientific standards and adaptation to local cultural contexts. Underlining and guaranteeing our pursuit of quality, Giunti Psychometrics is a founding member of ETPG - European Test Publishers Group the prestigious network uniting the sector’s leading publishers in twelve European countries, and is also a member of the ITC - International Test Commission, the institution with competency at the level of international scientific associations for psychological testing. In order to guarantee the correct use of its tools, Giunti Psychometrics makes their sale conditional upon the possession of specific professional qualifications.


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Josè Sales Grade


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Arturo Cervera


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Antony Erb


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Botagoz Zhakipbayeva


In 2003 Giunti Psychometrics expanded its foreign market by founding OS Hungary Tesztfejleszto. The company, based in Budapest, stood up in the sale of educational tests to organizations supported by the Government: educational counseling centers for children, hospitals, clinics, schools, and universities.

Furthermore, the company has won numerous tenders for adaptation to tests supported by the EU.

In the Human Resource area, in addition to governmental organizations, the company supports major companies such as KPMG, DM, Telenor, Agip Hungária, Bristol-Myers Squibb, ALDI, Audi Akademie, and Bombardier Transportation Hungary.